Other Media

Devon Digital Solutions can offer a number of other medias including:


Banners are ideal for a wide range of indoor or outdoor applications such as event graphics, point of sale, exhibitions and trade shows or shopping centers and large applications such as building wraps and scaffolding covers.

Depending on the application, several materials are available to meet the scope of requirement from temporary to longterm applications and from small format, lightweight to large format, heavy-duty systems.


Mesh is a lightweight yet very strong material that is tightly woven. Mesh is more transparent than standard banner products, enabling one-way vision where required.

Mesh banners are perfect for all indoor applications and for large outdoor applications such as building wraps or scaffolding covers.


Spandex offers a wide range of textile materials that will turn static graphics into attractive flexible prints such as popular  flags or banners in a wide range of finishes and artistic canvas applications.


Whether you need to produce customised wallpaper, tyvek paper banners, bluebacks, photogloss output or delicate fine art prints, Spandex offers a wide range of quality papers to digitally print graphics that will stand out.


A dedicated selection of flexible sign faces and semi rigid backlit films, suited for short term or long term and indoor or outdoor illuminated signs with brilliant, full color images.

Typical uses include petrol station canopies, airports, train stations, awnings, shop fascias and other illuminated signage.

Perforated Window Film

Perforated window film (PWF) is an interior or exterior product that can be mounted on the surface of windows and provides a clear view from one side but disables the visibility from the other side. This allows for one-way vision advertising or display graphics.

Specialty Materials

We also offer a wide range of specialty materials including but not restricted to anti-graffiti films, masking films, sandblast films, ultra-destructible films, magnetic films and automotive films (eg Stone Guard).